7-Day Antiracism Challenge (Group Rate)

7-Day Antiracism Challenge (Group Rate)
From USD $70.00
  • Duration: 7 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Product code: 7DAC

From: Chakita Patterson

Nashville, Tennessee

Subject: 7-Day Antiracism Challenge


My name is Chakita Patterson and I’m here to help you grow. 

If you are feeling STUCK or need more information on how you can help, START HERE. When it comes to incorporating antiracism practices within your family, workspaces, and community, you are in the right place. If you feel afraid of making a mistake that perpetuates white privilege, you are in the right place.


Great, here’s how I’m going to help you…


This is an exclusive invitation to join our antiracist group as we participate in a 7-day Antiracism Challenge. For 7-days you will receive challenges via email that will help you live antiracist everyday. These emails include short, simple action steps meant to grow you. We are all busy so the challenge won’t be anything too intense. 


During the 7-days, you’ll have access to the challenge; and you’ll have access to a private cohort of learners who you will be going through the challenge with. Plus you will be part of a community of antiracist learners who will support you along the way. Hope to see you on the other side of the challenge.